Residents Survey

Please answer all questions:

Members of our household are adversely affected by school traffic
Parents & carers generally park considerately around the school
I am delayed by congestion caused by school traffic
School traffic often blocks my driveway/access
The school should be doing more to manage traffic and parking

Which street do you live on?
During which time does the school traffic / parking affect you most?
Would you be in support of having cones placed at the entrance of the Highlands cul-de-sac preventing parent & carers from parking there during school drop off and pick ups?
If cones were placed at the entrance of the Highlands cul-de-sac, would it restrict or hinder your travel?
Would you consider allowing parents & carers to use your driveway to park on during school drop off & pick ups?
Would you consider displaying “Slow Down, Children Walking” or other such type of sticker on your wheelie bin?

If answers to questions the last two questions are “Yes”, or if you would like further information, please provide your name and email or postal address so that we may contact you further:

Thank you for your time, your feedback is immensely helpful.  We aim to provide you with the school travel plan once is it finalised.  Your response to this survey will help us construct a mutually beneficial plan.