Parking Promise

Juniper Hill School is keen to promote road safety awareness in our children, but this is not just the responsibility of the school. We all have a duty of care to ensure our roads are safe. We can all make a difference by choosing to drive safely and parking in a considerate and legal manner. One initiative we are taking part in, is the Parking Promise: Please read the bullet points below, look at the map further down and sign up for the Parking Promise.

You can download a PDF copy of the map by clicking here.

You will receive a car windscreen sticker for your efforts, this will further advertise the scheme and act as a reminder to anyone passing your car that we all need to make the effort in order to keep our children safe.

  • I will protect the safety of the children by being a considerate driver;
  • I will Park & Stride as often as I can;
  • I will avoid the “red zones” and will park with care and consideration;
  • I will not park with my engine idling in consideration of local residents air quality;
  • I will adhere to the Highway Code.

    Parking Promise Map